fundHSU allows donors to support a variety of projects that are important to Hardin-Simmons through the use of online donations and social media. 

If there is a project you would like to see listed here, contact Jenn Waldmann.
325.670.1467 or

fundHSU is Hardin-Simmons University’s new crowdfunding software. Purpose: 

  • Raise money for smaller projects (primarily in the $3,000 - $15,000 range)
  • Raise small amounts of money from a large number of people
  • Optimal for projects with broad appeal, or a specific cause
  • Allows people to give and promote easily through social media
  • Targeted to people beyond the HSU donor base – parents, grandparents, and friends of students, friends of friends, etc.

There are nine slots available at any given time. This does not mean that all nine must be utilized, but it does mean that from time-to-time there might be a wait list.

All projects will be approved through Administrative Council (meets each Tuesday).  Since projects need to be approved and built, the earlier projects are submitted the better. Minimum is 14 work days prior to project launch.

Project Criteria:

  • Be able to benefit from any funds raised
  • Must have willing support before project startsThere must be a definitive needDuration 12-16 weeks
    • Student driven
    • Alumni driven
    • Faculty/staff driven
  • Needs a target start date
  • Must have a faculty/staff liaison to serve as Project Manager

Project Originator    
(department, team, class):

Advancement Department

Photos and initial copy must be provided by the department, team, or class that owns the project. Must complete form (email Jenn Waldmann for details) 

Advancement will build out the project and then present it to the department (typically 7-10 day turn around)

Department, team, or class will promote project socially

Will create the complementing project launch email


Provide Project Manager with updates on the status of project.


 fundHSU contact

Jenn Waldmann
Directory of Annual Giving