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Celebrating 5 years

Mr. Nathan Bachert ’13 | Webmaster
Mr. Bart Craig ’91 | Head Golf Coach
Dr. Emily Dean | Assoc. Prof., Ed Stud./Dir. Houston Lantrip Ctr
Mrs. Serina Fairchilds | Admin. Asst., Dean, KCOB
Mrs. Andrea Foster | Admin. Asst. to Athletics
Mrs. Kacey Higgins | Registrar
Mrs. Carrie Isaacson | Asst. Prof., Art
Mrs. Sharyn Lilly ’91 | Gifts Coord.
Dr. Jeremy Rhodes | Asst. Prof., Sociology
Mr. Mickey Sartor | Maint. Tech., Plumber
Mrs. Bobbie Turner | Campus Guest Coord.
Dr. Janet Viola | Assoc. Prof., Nursing
Mr. Jeff Whitehead ’01 | QB Coach/Offensive Coord.
Dr. Bryan Yorton | Dept. Head, Assoc. Prof.: Philosophy

Celebrating 10 years

Mrs. Kimberly Beal | Records/Publications Coord.
Mr. Jesse Burleson ’00 | Head Football Coach
Mrs. Kimberly Cooper ’11 | Asst. Prof., Nursing
Dr. Jeffrey Cottrell | Assoc. Prof., Low Brass
Dr. Kristin Isaacson | Asst. Prof., Cello/String Bass
Dr. Andrea Jensen | Dept. Head, Asst. Prof.: Biology
Mr. Mike Jones | Dept. Head, Prof.: Art
Dr. Jeffrey Key | Dept. Head, Prof.: Political Science
Dr. Doug McIntyre | Assoc. Prof., Business Admin.
Mr. Stephen McNally | Detective
Mrs. Valerie Miller ’11 | Asst. Pro., Nursing
Dr. Kelly Pigott | Chaplain/Assoc. Prof., Church History
Dr. Charles Ruot | Prof., Fitness/Sport
Mr. Chuck Sartor | Director of Facility Services
Mrs. Tina Sartor | Asst. to Assoc. Dean, Logsdon Seminary
Mrs. Jenn Waldmann | Director of Annual Giving

Celebrating 15 years

Dr. Kent Chambers ’99 | Assoc. Prof., Chemistry/Environ. Mgmt.
Dr. Tim Chandler | Prof., Communications
Dr. Tiffany Fink | Prof., History
Dr. Robert Friberg ’05Prof., Physical Therapy
Dr. James Heflin | Prof., Preaching/Pastoral Ministry
Dr. Peter Isaacson | Assoc. Prof., Violin/Orchestra Director
Dr. Nancy Kucinski ’83 | Dean of Grad. Studies; Prof. of Mgmt.
Mrs. Nancy Morrison | Asst., Director of Institutional Research
Mrs. Melinda Murphy | Loan Collections; Assist. Cashier
Mrs. Shaylee Piland ’99/’03 | Assoc. Prof., Accounting
Dr. Clell Wright | Prof., Church Music

                                 Celebrating 20 years                             

Mrs. Gracie Carroll | Asst. VP, Academic Advising & Retention
Dr. Mary Lou Garrett ’00/’08 | Asst. Prof., Physical Therapy
Mrs. DeLys Mitchell ’02 | Admin. Assist. to Provost
Dr. Robert Moore | Prof., Fitness/Sport
Mr. Travis Seekins ’96/’03 | Assoc. VP, Tech. Services

Celebrating 25 years

Mrs. Sue BiggsUniversity Nurse
Ms. Debbie JonesDirector of White Horse Program

Celebrating 30 years

Dr. Mark Puckett | Prof., Piano/AIR
Mr. David Stuckey | Head, Assoc. Prof.: Fitness & Sport Sci.

Celebrating 35 years

Ms. Linda Fawcett | Prof., Art

Celebrating 40 years

Dr. Randy Armstrong ’66x | Assoc. Dean, CAP College of Liberal Arts.


Dr. Joe Alcorta ’64 | 45 years of service
Prof. of Spanish

Mr. Richard Benham | 18 years of service
Maintenance Tech., Plumber 

Mrs. Linda Butts | 40 years of service

Dr. Charles Coltman | 19 years of service
Prof. of Woodwinds 

Mr. Bill Curtis | 39 years of service
Assoc. Prof. of Finance 

Mrs. Penny Gammill |  6 years of service
Admin. Assist., Dean/Logsdon Seminary

Mr. Joe Jim Garcia |  35 years of service
Maint. Tech, Grounds Keeper

Mrs. Karanne Grubbs | 26 years of service

Mrs. Donna Hall | 7 years of service
Admin. Assist., President 

Dr. Lanny Hall ’68x | 17 years of service

Dr. Diana Higgins | 29 years of service
Prof. of Education 

Mrs. Jeannie Huffman | 19 years of service
Post Office Assistant 

Mr. Russell Jones |  17 years of service
Maintenance Tech.

Dr. Jaynne Middleton | 41 years of service
Prof. of Voice 

Mrs. Donna Seaton | 25 years of service
Admin. Assist., VP Finance 

Mrs. Jean Self | 28 years of service
A/P & Purchasing Clerk 

Mrs. Ellen Simmons | 10years of service
Prof., Periodicals & Documents Librarian

Mr. Rodney Smith ’80x |  8 years of service
Head Track & Cross Country Coach

Mr. John Snapp ’70 |  4 years of service
Human Resources Director

Dr. Alan Stafford | 30 years of service
Dean, Cynthia Ann Parker College, Liberal Arts 

Mrs. Bobbie Van Huss | 27 years of service
Periodicals Assistant 

Dr. Pam Williford | 23 years of service
Prof. of Education 

Dr. Larry Wolz ’73/’74 | 37 years of service
Dept. Head, Music History & Voice; Prof. of Voice 

Dr. Robert Sellers |  18 years of service
Prof. of Theology, Connally Chair of Missions