Tell Me Your Story





It’s been a tremendous
blessing to join the HSU
family during this, the
university’s 125th year.
I feel undeserving, but am
humbled and grateful for
the opportunity to walk
together with the HSU
family into the future.


You can invest in students today
by helping make more HSU
stories possible

Every family has stories, and the HSU family is no different. Some of those stories are told and retold over and over. Being new to the family, I don’t know those stories yet.

Whether you met your spouse, made lifelong friends, played on a sports team, or performed in a musical group or theatrical production, you have a Hardin-Simmons story.

I want to know your story. Will you share it with me? You can share your story by simply emailing me, submitting your story with the link provided, or mail it to me at: Share My Story, Hardin-Simmons University, Box 16100, Abilene, TX 79698.

Collectively, the stories of the past 125 years have shaped Hardin-Simmons into the great university that it is today. I’m inspired by our past, and excited about our future.

I invite you to be a part of that future by investing in our students today. Please join me as we continue to build the story and strengthen the family with your gift to HSU.