John J. Keeter, Jr. Alumni Service Award

The Alumni Service Award is the highest alumni honor HSU can bestow. It has been presented since 1943 to former student(s) who has contributed the most in his or her field of endeavor toward the betterment of HSU, or who has rendered the greatest service to the University. Awards are selected by a committee whose members are established by a campus leadership role.

Billy Bob and Patricia NeffMr. Billy Bob Neff & Mrs. Patricia (Butman) Neff
B.S. 1962/M.E. 1967 & B.S. 1977
Alumni Volunteers

Billy Bob and Pat Neff of Merkel epitomize the loving servant spirit envisioned by those who established this award in 1943. Mr. and Mrs. Neff served on HSU’s Alumni Association Board of Directors 2005-2008 in a shared role as Vice-President of Special Events. For decades, however, they have intentionally sought ways to connect to current and former HSU students on a personal level, volunteering at alumni activities, donating time and resources while befriending and encouraging students, and being active spectators at student productions and sporting events. They also give generously of themselves throughout their community and their church, First Baptist Abilene, where Billy Bob is an active Deacon. Both are former teachers. Mrs. Neff established and taught in the Art department for Merkel ISD, and Mr. Neff was with Abilene ISD from 1962-2005. They currently own Neff Construction/Design Company, Neff Art Creations, and are group leaders for travel-abroad programs. Serving a university that honors our Christian values and our Christian faith is a Divine calling and opportunity.

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Past Recipients

NameAward YearBio
Mr. Billy Bob Neff & Mrs. Patricia (Butman) Neff 2015-2016 Bio
Mr. Roy Graham & Mrs. Sharon (Smith) Graham BA 1963 & BBA 1963 2014-2015 Bio
Mrs. Melinda (Offner) Stricklin BEd 1983 2013-2014 Bio
Col. Glenn Bratcher BBA 1957 2012-2013 Bio
Mrs. Billie (Shirley) Martin BA 1948, MEd 1954 2011-2012 Bio
Dr. Fred E. Aurbach '66 2010-2011 Bio
Mr. Joe Sharp '58 2009-2010 Bio
Mr. John Crowe '56 2008-2009  
Mrs. Betty (Thornton) Crowe '55 2008-2009  
Mrs. Bee (Agnew) Shackelford '41 2007-2008 Bio
Dr. Clinton E. Wolf '50 2006-2007  
Mrs. Joan (Penney) Wolf '50 2006-2007  
Mr. James Magee Parker '51 2005-2006  
Mrs. Dottie (Shaw) Parker '42/'72 2004-2005  
Dr. Robert Lacewell '50 2003-2004  
Mrs. Martha (Nollner) Lacewell '50 2003-2004  
Dr. David S. "Scotty" Holland ex'51 2002-2003  
Mr. Jud Powell '76/'78 2001-2002  
Mrs. Linda (Scarborough) Powell '72 2001-2002  
Dr. Gerald E. Martin '48 2000-2001  
Dr. Jake Whitaker '51 1999-2000  
Mr. Doyle Kelley '51 1998-1999  
Mr. Hal Haralson '57 1997-1998  
Miss Hattie Bell Martin '40 1996-1997  
Mrs. Marylyn Arnot '43 1995-1996  
Mr. Robert E. Hitt '49 1994-1995  
Mr. WIlliam F. McCord '51 1993-1994  
Mrs. Billie Scott '47 1992-1993  
Mr. Gene Adams '54/'62 1991-1992  
Mr. C. Kenneth Hill, Jr. '48 1990-1991  
Mr. Guy W. Shaw '36 1989-1990  
Mr. Jim H. Jennings '30 1988-1989  
Dr. W.C. "Prof" Ribble '27 1987-1988  
Mrs. Charles (Koreen Logsdon) Hemphill 1986-1987  
Miss Aileen Culpepper '40 1985-1986  
Dr. John Hanna Brewer '30 1984-1985  
Mrs. Tid McAden '41 1983-1984  
Mr. Glen Burroughs '49/'50 1982-1983  
Dr. T.W. "Jack" Dean '47 1981-1982  
Dr. Virginia Boyd Conally '33 1980-1981  
Mrs. Lunelle Hemphill '29 1979-1980  
Mrs. W.B. Irvin '21 1978-1979  
Dr. Bill Tippen '43 1977-1978  
Mr. J.E. Johnson '29 1976-1977  
Dr. Elwin Skiles '34 1975-1976  
Dr. Frank Cadenhead '42 1974-1975  
Mr. James Cassle '41 1973-1974  
Mr. Hal Pender '47 1972-1973  
Mr. Charles Logsdon 1971-1972  
Mr. Marion B. McClure 1970-1971  
Mr. Wilton O. Davis '50 1969-1970  
Miss Katharyn Duff '36 1968-1969  
Dr. Lee Hemphill '29 1967-1968  
Dr. Dossie Wiggins 1966-1967  
Mr. Thomas Evans 1965-1966  
Rev. Boyce Evans '49 1964-1965  
Mrs. L.H. Beckham 1963-1964  
Mr. Frank Junell '34 1962-1963  
Mr. Alvin Woody '49 1961-1962  
Dr. W.B. Irvin '21/'27 1960-1961  
Hon. George Mahon '24 1959-1960  
Mr. Guy Caldwell '27 1958-1959  
Mr. J.C. Hunter '34 1957-1958  
Mrs. H.A. Pender '47 1956-1957  
Mr. & Mrs. Solon Featherston '18 1955-1956  
Rev. Bryon Bryant '40 1954-1955  
Dr. Otis English '21 1953-1954  
Dr. Conrad Lam '27 1952-1953  
Dr. C. Wayne Evans '40 1951-1952  
Dr. Rupert N. Richardson '12 1950-1951  
Mr. Eugene Holman '16 1949-1950  
Rev. P.D. O'Brien '17 1948-1949  
Mr. Leroy C. Jennings, Sr. '28 1947-1948  
Mrs. Tate May '40 1946-1947  
Mr. Raymond Foy '18 1945-1946  
Mr. J.D. Sandefer '20 1945-1946  
Mr. Barney Carter 1944-1945  
Mr. Rupert Johnson '29 1943-1944  


Distinguished Alumni Award

This award, given since 1970, is presented to alumni whose personal and professional accomplishments are exemplary of the ideals and aims of the University and thus bring honor to HSU. Awards are selected by a committee whose members are established by a campus leadership role.

Trent ButlerDr. Trent C. Butler
B.A. 1963, Author/Editor

Trent Butler is a noted scholar in Old Testament studies who has published for lay and for scholarly audiences. His scholarly reputation is built on two volumes in the Word Biblical Commentary. The Denver seminary journal marked the Judges commentary as the major work available, noting “An Evangelical and masterful study of all aspects of exegesis.” The Joshua volume was hailed as the first theological commentary on Joshua. Recently a two-volume expansion was published. Dr. Butler was instrumental in planning and translating the Holman Christian Standard Bible. On the lay side, he designed and edited the best-selling Holman Bible Dictionary as well as the “Disciple’s Study Bible.” He has authored three commentaries in the Holman Commentary series. Dr. Butler served as editorial director of Broadman and Holman and taught at the International Baptist Theological Seminary in Rüschlikon, Switzerland. He considers his greatest accomplishments as seven international mission trips and opening writing opportunities for young grad students and professors. While at HSU, he was editor of the The Brand and assistant editor of The Bronco, took part in summer missions, and held membership in the Ministerial Alliance.

Congratulation Trent at

Marshall DokeMr. Marshall J. Doke, Jr.
B.A. 1956 HSU

Marshall Doke is a partner, specializing in government contracts & litigation, with the Gardere Wynne Sewell law firm of Dallas. He has been described as the “Nation’s top government contract lawyer” by Lawdragon, a leading lawyer-ranking publication, and was further described as having “an unrivaled tandem of trial skills and government contracts mastery.” In 2015, he was listed in Texas Super Lawyers and in Texas Best Lawyers in commercial litigation. He was described in 2008 by another international lawyer-ranking publication, Chambers USA, as a “legend of the profession.” Mr. Doke has testified as a government contracts expert before committees of both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, and served in the American Bar Association’s House of Delegates for over 30 years. He currently sits on the executive committee of the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame & Museum Advisory Board, is chair emeritus of the Texas Historical Foundation, and is a member of the McDonald Observatory Board of Visitors, University of Texas. At HSU, he was Student Council president, ROTC corps commander, and played varsity football, taking part in the 1955 Salad Bowl All Star Game.

Congratulate Marshall at

Wallace SherertzMr. Wallace K. Sherertz
B.A. 1963,

Upon graduation from HSU, Mr. Wally Sherertz become a high school math teacher, textbook co-author, and, later, teacher association executive director. All the while, he actively performed in principal and supporting roles in regional and stock theater, playing the lead in shows like Shenandoah, The Taming of the Shrew, and The Most Happy Fella. About 25 years ago, he and his wife Peggy (Graham ’62 B.S.) moved to New York, NY, so Mr. Sherertz could pursue full-time his passion for acting. Since then, under the stage name of Michael Shelle, he has appeared in the international tour of Camelot (starring Richard Harris) as Merlin and other supporting roles, in the first national tour of Titanic, in a variety of productions in New York City, and in regional theaters throughout the country. Mr. Sherertz continues to perform and sing and is a writing tutor at the Borough of Manhattan Community College. At HSU, Mr. Sherertz was a Cowboy Band soloist, was a founding member of Tau Alpha Phi, and acted in theatre productions.

Congratulate Wally at

Past Recipients

NameAward YearBio
Dr. Trent C. Butler 2015-2016 Bio
Mr. Marshall J. Doke, Jr. 2015-2016 Bio
Mr. Wallace K. Sherertz 2015-2016 Bio
Mr. David F. Hales, BS 1966 2014-2015 Bio
Mr. René Maciel, BBS 1981 2014-2015 Bio
Ms. Tina M. (Hendrix) Tyler, BBA 1987 2014-2015 Bio
Mrs. Sue (Fargo) Conley, BS 1989/1990 2013-2014 Bio
Mr. Ivan Smith Jr., BBA 1968 2013-2014 Bio
Mrs. Louanne (Worley) Stephens, BA 1964 2013-2014 Bio
Dr. Patricia Blanton, BA 1962 2012-2013 Bio
Mrs. Paula (Turney) Edwards, BM 1977/MM 1978 2012-2013 Bio
LTC James Fergerson, BS 1988 2012-2013 Bio
Mrs. Elizabeth (Cohorn) Abernethy, BA 1971 2011-2012 Bio
Mr. Charles Davis, BM 1984  2011-2012 Bio
Mr. Robert C. Moates, BA 1951 2011-2012 Bio
Dr. Ruth Schleifer, BA 1982 2010-2011 Bio
Mr. Marv Knox, BS 1979 2010-2011 Bio
Major General Jose S. Mayorga, MBA 1989 2010-2011 Bio
Mr. Harvey Catchings, 1974 2009-2010  
Dr. Jack Graham, 1972 2009-2010  
Mr. Gene Adams, 1954/1962 2008-2009  
Mrs. Rebecca (Barlow) Jordan, ex 1966 2008-2009  
Mr. Joe Strickland,1976 2008-2009  
The Reverend Canon Naim (Steve) Ateek, 1963 2007-2008  
Mr. Stacy Blair, 1977 2007-2008  
Dr. Hilton Hemphill, 1963 2007-2008  
Mrs. Ann Smith Coody, 1959 2006-2007  
Retired Brigadier General R.L. Herring Jr., 1946 2006-2007  
Dr. Bill O'Brien, 1955 2006-2007  
Miss Betsy Brown, 1977 2005-2006  
Mr. Larry English, 1969 2005-2006  
Dr. Carl O. Trusler, 1968 2005-2006  
Dr. Jan Evans Patterson, 1978 2004-2005  
Mr. Bill T. Teague, 1961 2004-2005  
Dr. W.E. (Bill) Thorn, 1948 2004-2005  
Mrs. Frances (Fran) Osborne Adkins, 1970 2003-2004  
Retired Lt. Colonel Consuelo Castillo Kickbusch, 1976 2003-2004  
Dr. Dan Yeary, 1961 2003-2004  
Mr. Terry DuBose, 1966 2002-2003  
Retired Colonel Jack Grogan Jr., 1967 2002-2003  
Dr. Gene Wofford, 1952 2002-2003  
Dr. Lynne Abney, 1970 2001-2002  
Mr. Max Arrell, 1959 2001-2002  
Dr. Verney Sallee, 1964 2001-2002  
Mr. Charles Elliott, 1965 2000-2001  
Dr. Nathan A. Ivey, 1948 2000-2001  
Mr. Edmund Nichols, 1953 2000-2001  
Mr. Steve Stroope, 1976 1999-2000  
Dr. Jim Towns, 1965 1999-2000  
Mr. Bob Tremaine, 1957 1999-2000  
Mr. Claude Dollins, 1963 1998-1999  
Miss Marilois Kirksey, 1957 1998-1999  
Mr. Bob Evans, 1961 1997-1998  
Dr. Richard Ross, 1972 1997-1998  
Miss Margaret Waldrop, 1968 1997-1998  
Mr. Lonnie Allsup, ex 1951 1996-1997  
Dr. Francis McBeth, 1954 1996-1997  
Mr. Jerry Reynolds, 1963 1996-1997  
Mr. John Clayton, 1964 1995-1996  
Mr. Dale Coody, 1959 1995-1996  
Mr. Tom Womble, 1965 1995-1996  
Mr. Jaylon Fincannon, 1968 1994-1995  
Mr. Lewis Stephens, 1952 1994-1995  
Dr. Marijohn Melson Wilkin, 1940 1994-1995  
Mrs. Judy Malone Finch, 1966 1993-1994  
Mr. Fred McNab, 1976 1993-1994  
Dr. Fred E. Aurbach, 1966 1992-1993  
Mr. Robert Holladay, 1962 1992-1993  
Miss Frances Carol Knight 1992-1993  
Dr. Truett Latimer, 1951 1991-1992  
Mrs. Linda Loutherback Putnam, 1967 1991-1992  
Mr. Joseph Garrison, 1949 1990-1991  
Mrs. Mary J. Curtis Island, 1971 1990-1991  
Colonel Bryan Shelburne Jr., 1965 1990-1991  
Mr. Joseph Archer Gibson, 1924 1989-1990  
Mr. William (Bill) T. Morgan, 1948 1989-1990  
Mrs. Dellana West O'Brien, 1953 1989-1990  
Mrs. Maridell Fisher Fryar, 1957 1988-1989  
Mr. Charles Tandy, 1949 1988-1989  
Mr. David Wong, 1954 1988-1989  
Mrs. Nancy Sample Garms, 1960 1987-1988  
Mr. Elbert E. Hall, 1931 1987-1988  
Mrs. Elizabeth Junell Baugh, 1936 1986-1987  
Dr. Bryce Jordan, 1942 1986-1987  
Mrs. Helen Jean Bond Parks, 1948 1986-1987  
Mr. William Gaddis, 1938 1985-1986  
Mr. Charles McLaughlin, 1957 1985-1986  
Dr. Betty Pearce Stephenson, 1947 1985-1986  
Mr. Nelson H. Dyess, 1951 1984-1985  
Dr. James Flamming, 1955 1984-1985  
Mr. A.B. Foster Jr., 1947 1984-1985  
Mr. D. Dale Haralson, 1959 1983-1984  
Dr. David S. "Scotty" Holland, 1950 1983-1984  
Mr. Kenneth T. Whitescarver, 1942 1983-1984  
Dr. Hollis E. Bivens, 1948 1982-1983  
Mr. Doyle E. Larson, 1962 1982-1983  
Retired Brigadier General Jack T. Martin, 1948 1982-1983  
Mr. Guy Caldwell, 1927 1981-1982  
Mrs. Jeannette Tippitt Caldwell, 1928 1981-1982  
Miss Aletha Fuller, 1945 1981-1982  
Mr. Jack R. Taylor, 1953 1981-1982  
Mr. Joseph H. Arnette, 1953 1979-1980  
Dr. Claude A. Hicks, 1955 1979-1980  
Mr. Fred R. Higginbotham, 1948 1979-1980  
Mr. Gordon Wood, 1938 1978-1979  
Mrs. Magnolia Starks McCullough, 1967 1978-1979  
Mr. Jeter D. Fulbright, Jr., 1972 1978-1979  
Mrs. Virginia Dale Moore, 1948 1977-1978  
Mr. Glen Burroughs, 1949 1977-1978  
Dr. Conrad Ramsey Lam, 1927 1977-1978  
Mr. Fred Earl Ingerson, 1928 1976-1977  
Dr. Zollie Steakley, 1929 1976-1977  
Mr. Darold Hugh Morgan, 1944 1976-1977  
Mr. John Hanna Brewer, 1930 1975-1976  
Mr. Joe Wright Burton, 1929 1975-1976  
Mr. James Nathan Tidwell, 1929 1975-1976  
Mrs. Maye Bell Taylor, 1929 1974-1975  
Mr. William T. Reid, 1926 1974-1975  
Dr. W. Hines Sims, 1928 1974-1975  
Dr. Virginia Boyd Connally, 1933 1973-1974  
Mr. T. Burns McKinney, 1938 1973-1974  
Mr. Willie (Bill) L. Scott, 1947 1973-1974  
Miss Elizabeth F. Riley, 1929 1972-1973  
Mr. George H. Mahon, 1924 1972-1973  
Mr. C. Moxley Featherston, 1948 1972-1973  
Mr. Warren C. Hultgren, 1947 1971-1972  
Dr. Dossie M. Wiggins, 1919 1971-1972  
Mr. John Leland Atwood, 1926 1970-1971  
Mr. Byron E. Pollock, 1929 1970-1971  
Mr. Rupert N. Richardson, 1912 1970-1971  


Outstanding Young Alumni

Recognizing Alumni who have attained outstanding achievements in their field of endeavor, community, state or nation. This award was created by the Board of Young Associates and was first presented in 2004.

Dr. Cristel V. Camacho
B.S. 2005, Biology
Cancer Research Scientist

As a published Postdoctoral Research Fellow with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, TN, Cristel focuses on understanding the role of DNA repair deficiencies in the developing central nervous system and its contribution to gliomagenesis. Her NASA-funded Ph.D. research (2012) focused on understanding the carcinogenic consequences of radiation exposure, particularly in the brain.

I have nothing but fond memories of my time at HSU. I was surrounded by dedicated science professors who were always enthusiastic about teaching. I hold them in such high esteem, as it was their guidance and encouragement, even after leaving HSU, that gave me confidence to pursue my career wholeheartedly. 

Mr. Matt Chandler 
B.B.S. 1999, Ministry/Leadership

Matt is Lead Pastor of Teaching for The Village Church (formerly First Baptist, Highland Village) with four campuses in the DFW Metroplex. He also serves as President of the Acts 29 Network, an organization dedicated to planting church-planting churches. Matt has authored or co-authored several books, and his popular teaching series and studies are available to churches around the world. 

All that God has done in my life in the past 20 years can be tied back to my time at HSU. God's sovereign gracious hand was creating relationships and teaching me lessons that continue to serve me to this day.

Dr. Starr (Brockmeier) Hoffman 
B.A. 1999, Fine Art/English Literature
Academic Librarian

Starr is Head of Planning and Assessment at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, an administrative position which involves strategic planning, organizational development, and evaluating library performance through a range of data. A published scholar, she has previously served as Head of the Journalism Library at Columbia University and Head of the Government Documents Department at the University of North Texas.

HSU provided my husband and I not only with an excellent education, but also with a close-knit community of caring staff and faculty and lifelong friends. Seventeen years later, our lives are the richer for these enduring relationships. Hardin-Simmons gave me a great liberal arts college experience: small classes, caring professors, a broad and varied education, and a beautiful, stimulating campus environment.

Past Recipients

NameTitleAward YearBio
Mr. Justin Furnace, 2001 Government and Public Affairs Specialist 2014-2015 Bio
Mr. Jason Newman, 1995 Trial Attorney – Energy Litigation 2014-2015 Bio
Ms. Allison Rhodes, 1995x Investment Advisor 2014-2015 Bio
Mr. Chad Braun, 1994 Chief Financial Officer 2013-2014 Bio
Ms. Deanna Julian, 2000 Entertainer 2013-2014 Bio
Dr. Jason Terrell, 2002 Medical Doctor 2013-2014 Bio
Mr. Michael Daggs Jr, 1996/2000  Excellence Consultant 2012-2013 Bio
Dr. Dan Munton, 1991 Physician 2012-2013 Bio
Dr. Emily Prevost, 2000/2002 Leadership Developer 2012-2013 Bio
Mr. Brian Bessent, 1996 Speech Therapist/Administrator  2011-2012 Bio
Dr. David Lott, 1997/2008 Physical Therapist 2011-2012 Bio
Mrs. Melanie Ocana, 2000 Business Owner 2011-2012 Bio
Ms. Terri Hendrix, Music 1990 Award-Winning Musician 2010-2011 Bio
Mr. Todd Gentzel, BBS 1995 Business Strategist 2010-2011 Bio
Mr. Leighton Flowers, BBS 1997 Youth Ministry Executive 2010-2011 Bio
Dr. Brad Butler, 1997 Anesthesiologist 2009-2010  
Mr. Michael McCown, 1997 Professional Opera Singer 2009-2010  
Mr. James Christoferson, 1997 Politician 2009-2010  
Mr. Darren Allman, 1994 Coach and Athletic Director 2008-2009  
Dr. Tracy Manly, 1993 Professor 2008-2009  
Mr. Joe Darren Weir, 1995 Digital Media/Communication 2008-2009  
Mr. Dickson Masindano, 2001 International Orphan Care 2007-2008  
Mr. Mike McMaude, 1990 Health Care and Insurance 2007-2008  
Dr. Laura Pogue, 1987/1991 Professor 2007-2008  
Dr. Lori Conklin, 1988 Anesthesiologist and Professor 2006-2007  
Dr. James Morrow, 1987 Choral Director 2006-2007  
Mr. Mike Hammack, 1985/1989 Ministry 2005-2006  
Mr. Dean Nolen, 1989 Acting 2005-2006  
Alex Vasquez, 1985 Law 2005-2006  
Mr. Greg Solomon, 1983 Community Development 2004-2005  
Dr. Christy Stanlake, 1994 Theater and Teacher 2004-2005  
Mr. Phil Wilson, 1990 Government 2004-2005  
Mr. Victor Carrillo, 1986 Texas Railroad Commissioner 2003-2004  
Leland Harden,1984 Entrepreneur and Author 2003-2004  


Athletics Hall of Fame Inductees

The Athletics Hall of Fame honors former athletes and coaches who made a significant contribution to HSU and the athletics program. They are selected at least 10 years after completing their HSU playing career (after five years for coaches), by a committee including current and former HSU athletes from various sports. Nominations are accepted year-round.

Dewey BohlingMr. Dewey Bohling
B.S. 1963,
(Football, Track 1956-58)

Dewey Bohling lettered three years in football and twice in track. As a three-year starter on the football team, he returned a total of 56 kicks for a combined 865 yards, the single-season record until 1990, the only time it’s been topped. He earned First-Team Border Conference honors in 1958. He brought the Cowboys their only individual title of the 1957 Border Conference Track and Field Meet when he won the discus. In 1959, he left HSU to pursue a career in professional football, playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers, the New York Titans, and the Buffalo Bills. He returned to HSU, completing his coursework in 1963, then worked as a football and track coach in New Mexico for 43 years. He was inducted into the New Mexico Track and Cross Country Coaches Hall of Fame in 2012.

Barry KingDr. Barry King
B.B.A.1957/ M.A. 1961,
(Basketball 1954-57)

A member of the basketball team when the program enjoyed great success, Barry King had an outstanding senior season when he moved from forward to guard. He was selected First-Team All Border Conference as he led the league in both field goal and free throw accuracy. He was co-captain of the last HSU team to play in the NCAA-I Tourney, a 68-57 loss to Idaho State. He also had 20 points in the Cowboys 78-60 victory at Texas Tech, the worst home defeat for the Red Raiders that season. He was Junior Class president and, his senior year, was president of Cowboys for Christ. Dr. King went on to teach at Oklahoma State and the University of Houston. He returned to HSU in 1990 as Johnson Professor of Accounting and chaired the Department of Accounting, Finance, and Economics until 1995.

Merlin MorrowDr. Merlin Morrow
(Athletics Director/Faculty 1981-2001)

In 1981, Merlin Morrow came to HSU as Chairman of the Physical Education and Recreation Department, charged with restructuring the under-graduate physical education curriculum, developing a curriculum for a major in Recreation, and developing a graduate degree in Physical Education. He was also asked to develop a facilities development master plan for physical education, intramurals, and athletics. The responsibilities of Athletics Director were added in 1989 not long before being asked to move the program from NCAA Division I to Division III, reinstate football after a 27-year hiatus, and reinstate women’s basketball after a four-year absence. In 1995, Dr. Morrow resigned as A.D and returned to teaching part-time. He was also given a two-year commission to research and write the history of the first 100 years of HSU Athletics. He taught full-time from 1998 until retiring in 2001.

Matt CarrollMr. Matt Carroll
B.S.E. 1994,
(Football 1990-1993)

Matt Carroll is the all-time leader in rushing yards at HSU with 3,988 yards, and he helped move the Cowboys from a first-year program to a team with a #1 ranking in the NAIA national poll and which took the TIAA Conference Championship in 1993. He is fifth all time in rushing TDs with 26 and is second all-time in rushing yards per game with a 92.7 yards per game average. Mr. Carroll was an honorable mention All-America player his last two seasons and was named First-Team All-TIAA. He was on the coaching staff at Roosevelt High School (San Antonio) 1995-2005 prior to being head coach at Waco University 2008-12. He returned to Roosevelt High as head coach in March 2013, becoming the first African-American head football coach in the 63-year history of the North East ISD.

Past Recipients

NameTitleAward YearBio
Dewey Bohling, BS 1963 Football, Track 2015-2016 Bio
Dr. Barry King, BBA 1957, MA 1961 Basketball 2015-2016 Bio
Dr. Merlin Morrow Athletics Director 2015-2016 Bio
Matt Carroll, BSE 1994 Football 2015-2016 Bio
Joe Arden, BA 1960 Basketball 2014-2015 Bio
Lauren Harris, BBS 2004 Basketball 2014-2015 Bio
Jerry Mobley, BS 1962 Golf 2014-2015 Bio
Jared Sanderson, BBS 2002 Football 2014-2015 Bio
Todd Baumann, BS 1996 Football 2013-2014 Bio
Jan Briggs, BS 1958 Volleyball 2013-2014 Bio
Kendra Anderson Hassell Women's Basketball 2013-2014 Bio
2010 Women's Soccer Team Women's Soccer 2013-2014 Bio
Darren Allman BBS '94 Football 2012-2013 Bio
Ted Edmondson BS '59 Football 2012-2013 Bio
Tim O'Leary BEd '83 Soccer 2012-2013 Bio
Meredith Hare Stone BA '01/MA '06 Golf 2012-2013 Bio
Mr. Jimmie Keeling Head Football Coach 2011-2012 Bio
Mr. George Hine, Jr (dec) '49/'50 Sports Information Director 2011-2012 Bio
Mr. Kirk Rogers '04 Football 2011-2012 Bio
Mr. Gary Marable '77 Tennis Player & Coach 2011-2012 Bio
Mr. Pete Murray BBA '57/MPT '63 Football & Basketball 2010-2011 Bio
Dr. Melanie Forster Muhr BS '00 Soccer 2010-2011 Bio
Miss Kathryn Otwell BBS '99 Basketball 2010-2011 Bio
Mr. Lynn Turner BA '90 Baseball 2010-2011 Bio


Alumni Award Nominations

If you know of an alum who meets the critera for one of our awards, please nominate them. Click here to submit your nomination form.

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